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For over thirty years Anew has provided an accommodation service to homeless women. The accommodation service is supported by Anew’s centre in Dublin.  Service users come from all walks of life, all nationalities and all age groups.

Women who find themselves homeless during pregnancy often lack the type of support available to most new mums. The changes and breakdown of family structures can mean that women are left without the type of skills that would have traditionally been supported by the wider family unit. Recognising that there is often a gap in practical living skills, Anew provides a weekly life skills course which looks at a wide range of topics such as healthy eating for mum and baby, budgeting skills, healthy relationship choices and personal care. Anew also helps to support clients by offering links to other agencies that can provide advice such as adult literacy and other such services.

Type of Accommodation

4 bedroomed town house close to the Holles Street Maternity Hospital, in Dublin with shared kitchen, sittingroom and bathroom facilities. We offer a comfortable and homely environment for expectant and new mothers and their babies. We facilitate visits from appropriate professionals such as the public health nurses.

Type of Services Offered

  • All clients are provided with the opportunity to avail of our one to one counselling service
  • Clients live independently with regular visiting support from Anew staff
  • Each client is assigned a keyworker from within the organisation
  • Clients are supported in determining appropriate social welfare entitlements
  • Advice and support in accessing permanent accommodation
  • Clients are provided with support for immigration issues
  • New mums receive support in parenting both in group settings and on a one to one basis
  • Weekly Life Skills Classes are provided by Anew Personnel to assist in areas such as healthy relationships, budgeting, social welfare entitlements and parenting
  • Where a client has more complex needs other professionals may become involved. In these cases Anew provides a case management framework to ensure a coordinated approach to the clients needs.
  • Outreach Support
  • The support worker will develop a support plan in conjunction with the client to address the clients’ needs

Referral Pathway

Clients can either be self referred or be referred by any professional working with them e.g. Hospital worker, Aftercare support worker, Mental health team or Tusla.

Accommodation Service Care Pathway


Admission Process 1st stage: A completed referral form is submitted to Anew and as part of the referral process each client is met by the Anew Accommodation Team and assessed for suitability.

Admission Process 2nd Stage: Where the Client is accepted for suitability, they undergo a complete induction process. As part of induction process, the client is provided with an Agreement document which is read to them.The Client is then required to sign the Agreement. This document contains all relevant policies and procedures including a brief on health and safety regulations incorporating all aspects of fire prevention.

Admission Process 3rd Stage: Once the client has moved into the house, they work collaboratively with a member of the accommodation team to:

  • Develop a Care plan and Aftercare plan
  • Conduct weekly reviews and evaluate progress
  • Link in with relevant support services
  • Attend in house Parenting classes
  • Attend in house Counselling service
  • To complete appropriate application forms for housing and welfare entitlements

Self referrals

Anew accept self referrals.

This should be completed and returned for the attention of:

The Housing Manager, Anew International House, Tara Street, Dublin 2.

Or by email to

Referrals can also be made internally via a counsellor

Criteria for referral

  • Clients must be over 18
  • Clients should be homeless or at risk of homelessness
  • Clients should be capable of independent living
  • Clients must be pregnant and or/recently had a child
  • No Alcohol or Drug issues


All clients referred to our service are invited to attend assessment, clients may then be offered a placement depending on suitability and availability or clients may be placed on a waiting list.

Outreach Support

Anew works with clients on an outreach basis where necessary. In the case of more complex client needs Anew works collaboratively with other agencies to provide appropriate support for a client.


The causes of homelessness, and the reason people remain homeless for many years, are complex. Homelessness has been a significant issue for many decades in Irish society.  Losing your home comes at the end of a long chain of events. Getting caught up in drug and alcohol addiction, fleeing domestic violence, finding it difficult to cope with daily living or leaving the care system without any backup or adequate support are just some of the many challenges people face in finding a home. These issues coupled with pregnancy and/or children can lead to an even greater vulnerability for the homeless person. In light of the current economic downturn, Anew recognises a widening gap in support provision for homeless pregnant women with high support needs who may already have a child.

This is a specialist area which requires a focused approach and a myriad of expertise.  Anew is confident that it is in a position to address this gap by building on its existing service and meeting this increased demand.

Young Homeless Mothers and Homeless Children orangedownarrow

A Literature Review undertaken by Dr. Austin O’Carroll of Safetynet Ireland with whom we have consulted with over the past year, focuses on homelessness and the impact it has on mothers and children both nationally and internationally.  His report is available here.



“I am so happy that Anew has won an award for Women’s Support Group of the Year, because they’re tackling an issue that so many overlook. Anew deserve recognition for the amazing work they do on a day-to-day basis, lifting spirits and giving hope to new mothers like me facing difficult times.”

Holly, current resident and new mum

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No one at Anew is paid less than €22k or more than €60k per annum as a full-time wage.