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“I am so happy that Anew has won an award for Women’s Support Group of the Year, because they’re tackling an issue that so many overlook. Anew deserve recognition for the amazing work they do on a day-to-day basis, lifting spirits and giving hope to new mothers like me facing difficult times.”

Holly, current resident and new mum

“This is a brilliant service! It offers a warm, welcoming environment both to service user and health care professional. It is extremely flexible and accessible in its approach, consistently placing the service user at the centre of its work. It provides practical and emotional support to allow women to confidently enjoy their pregnancy and early motherhood. Personally, it has been a pleasure to see women and their babies benefit and thrive from their contact with Anew.”

Margaret Walsh, Senior Social Worker, St. Vincents Hospital Mental Health Team

“I am an Aftercare Worker in the Dublin North East Region. Many young women in the care system find themselves single parents at a time in their life when they are transitioning towards independent living and adulthood. I worked closely with one such young women. She was very much caught between being seen as a ‘child in care’ and a parent in her own right. Through a 12-week placement in Life Pregnancy Care and ongoing outreach support following the 12 weeks she has blossomed and grown into a competent young mother. Life Pregnancy Care treated her as an adult and gave her advocacy, support and autonomy. She engaged in a life skills programme, parenting support and counselling. She cannot speak highly enough of the service and respectful way she was treated.

As a professional dealing with them I found them to be holistic in their approach to supporting young women. They are committed to positive outcomes for their service users and do not compromise child protection or welfare. I look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Michelle Sheridan HSE

No one at Anew is paid less than €22k or more than €60k per annum as a full-time wage.