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Crisis Pregnancy Counselling

Finding out that you are pregnant when you haven’t planned it can be very shocking and scary. You might feel isolated or lonely, anxious, overwhelmed or ill equipped to cope. A crisis pregnancy also includes the experience of women for whom a planned or desired pregnancy develops into a crisis over time due to a change in circumstances; this can include lack of resources, the risk of homelessness or the diagnosis of a life limiting condition for the baby.

Here at Anew you can talk to an accredited counsellor who will listen without judging and support you through what can be a highly stressful and difficult time. You will be offered confidential counselling on all options, giving you the time, attention and respect you will need at a time like this. The counsellor will offer you a warm, friendly, calm space to help you work through any related issues that you feel burdened with so that you can feel less panicked and more calm as you plan what happens next. Anew counsellors can also offer counselling and support for those who have had a diagnosis of a life limiting condition to the baby during pregnancy. Counselling is free, confidential and non-directive and you may continue to receive counselling during and after pregnancy for as long as you require.

Anew’s Referral Policy

Anew’s Constitution prohibits staff and volunteers to provide contact details of clinics providing terminations. As service users contacting Anew may request information on pregnancy termination, staff and volunteers can explore this option with those who specifically request it.

Counselling After Termination

Anew offers counselling to men and women who have been affected by or had a termination. After a termination, there can be a lot of confusing feelings and often people can feel isolated or lonely as they deal with this issue, this can happen weeks, months or even years after a termination. It can help to talk about these feelings and experiences in the safe, warm, friendly and non-judgemental environment that Anew provides. Your counsellor will listen with empathy, respect and understanding as you work through these emotions over a period of time.


Discovering that somebody is pregnant with your baby can be very shocking and overwhelming. Men can feel isolated and helpless and sometimes it might seem that your feelings have been forgotten. Often your need for support may not be as apparent, Anew recognises that men can be affected too. Coming to talk about your feelings to a counsellor who is warm, friendly and non-judgemental can help you to feel less alone and make it easier for you to work through this part of your life. Men are very welcome to avail of ANEW’s free, confidential and non-directive counselling.

Grandparents and other Family Members

An unplanned pregnancy in a family can be an emotional and difficult time for other family members too. Anew offers pregnancy counselling to any family members who are affected and feel they need support. Grandparents can experience their own fears and anxieties about the future of their daughters or sons and it may be easier to talk to someone outside their immediate family.

Anew counsellors will listen and help you come to terms with your feelings and how you can support your daughter or son as you all work through this.

Post Pregnancy Support

Whether you are parenting alone, with a partner, or have the support of family members, being a parent can be challenging and you may find it difficult to cope.

  • If you are feeling isolated or alone as you adjust to parenthood…
  • If you are finding life with your baby or toddler extremely hard and need some support…
  • If you are a new mother coping on your own and trying to juggle work and childcare…
  • If you are returning to work…
  • If you wish to return to education…
  • If you would like help and encouragement with the practical or emotional elements of parenting…

…We can help!

Adoption Information and Counselling

Counselling and Parenting Outreach Support Services


Mallow – Le Cheile Family Resource Centre
Times: Tuesdays 10am to 5pm
Middleton – Oakwood Lodge Family Resource Centre, Youghal
Times: Wednesdays 7pm to 9pm


Roscrea – HSE Primary Care Centre, Cre House, Templemore Road
Times: Mondays 10am to 5pm
Nenagh – North Tipperary Community Services, Kenyon Street
Times: Tuesdays 10am to 5pm

We are always looking to expand our services, if you would like to discuss an outreach service in your area please email us at

Organisational Values for Working with Clients 

  • We are committed to providing a non-judgmental, motivating and empowering environment that builds trust and strengthens the individual
  • We show respect to every client and treat them with empathy, compassion and non-judgement no matter what decision they make
  • We are committed to providing a non-directive, culturally sensitive environment to all families
  • We recognize that people have strengths and do not need to depend on us or any other agency or system
  • We never give up on anyone; they are always welcome back
  • We believe in the importance of building a sense of community among families who have no other source of support

“This is a brilliant service! In my experience Anew has provided huge support to women in crisis with an unplanned pregnancy and post pregnancy. It offers a warm, welcoming environment both to service user and health care professional. It is extremely flexible and accessible in its approach, consistently placing the service user at the centre of its work. It provides practical and emotional support to allow women to confidently enjoy their pregnancy and early motherhood. Personally, it has been a pleasure to see women and their babies benefit and thrive from their contact with Anew.”

Margaret Walsh, Senior Social Worker, St. Vincents Hospital Mental Health Team

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