Covid-19 is like nothing we have experienced before.  You may be feeling frightened and everyday life my feel out of your control.  You may feel stressed and unsafe which can limit your ability to take care of yourself and your loved ones.    

Other than following the HSE guidelines there is little you can do to change this.  Accepting that you cannot change this and trying to manage in these unprecedented times is what is needed.   

Try to identify what you need for yourself – this is a new experience.  This is a list of the things that you can do and may help you feel better:

  • Limit your exposure to news and media
  • Call friends on facetime – it may help to see a friendly face.
  • Catch up on projects that you have been putting off.
  • Go outside for a walk, even if it’s in the garden or on a balcony, any form of exercise will help you feel better. (follow the HSE guidelines).
  • Make notes of what is bothering you.
  • Read a book or listen to music.
  • Try to do chores as normal.
  • Express your needs and feelings with those close to you.
  • Have the courage to say when you are feeling anxious or frightened.
  • It’s Important that you acknowledge what is happening inside you.
  • Be aware of your feelings – awareness gives you more control.

Should you need support during this challenging time please contact [email protected]  and one of our counsellors will get back to you.