Good governance is critical for the proper functioning of any charity, and Anew takes this very seriously. 

Having been committed to the Voluntary Governance Code for Charities for many years, Anew welcomes the newly-launched Charities Governance Code (launched November 2018) and the Board are leading the organisation towards this.

Anew have a highly skilled Board of Directors with skills in the areas of legal, business and finance. A key role for the Board is devising a strategy to ensure that the organisation is providing the best services possible in a sustainable and compliant way.

The Board has approved the following strategic outline for Anew for 2019-2022, based on 3 main pillars:

Homelessness & Housing

Parenting Support

Maternal Wellbeing

These pillars are underpinned with the following Aims and Objectives:

  1. Diversification of services
  2. Increase funding streams
  3. Develop and expand current services
  4. Good governance
  5. A vision of excellence in service delivery
  6. Ensure excellent communications with internal and external stakeholders

Our Policies

Use these links to learn more about our policies in Child Protection, Data Protection and handling of complaints: