Anew provides free support services for pregnant women and new mothers in the areas of parenting, emotional wellbeing, homelessness and housing.

The outcomes of our service are closely aligned with the desired outcomes of the National Strategy “Better Outcomes, Brighter Futures”:

• Children and parents and other adults who need supports to ensure effective family functioning receive them through our parenting support programmes


• Early participation in our services will ensure that women are well-equipped to support and promote the well-being of their children in to the future.


• Timely intervention from our staff equips new mothers with the skills to keep their children protected from harm.


• Babies in our service who need protection from intentional or unintentional harm receive a timely and appropriate response to their needs within Anew.


• Women who have children in care are well-supported to achieve their potential in terms of health, educational and well-being outcomes in ways that contribute to a positive life trajectory.