Our Data Protection Policy

All those who provide Anew Support Services CLG (“Anew”) with their Personal Data have a right to respect and privacy in relation to their data. In addition, the statutory obligations under the Data Protection Acts 1988 & 2003 together with the General Data Protection Regulation that came into force on 25th May 2018 (the GDPR) must be strictly adhered to.

Our Policy Statement is written to address these moral and legal obligations. Anew collates, processes and controls Personal Data in respect of our Clients, Volunteers, Employees and Service Providers and in accordance with GDPR Anew is a Data Controller.

Anew acknowledges its responsibility for ensuring the privacy of data subjects and for the protection of their personal data within Anew. It is the policy of Anew to meet these obligations to the highest standards possible.

This policy sets out how Anew protects personal data and sets out the rules governing the use of personal data provided to Anew. 

Read our Data Protection Policy in full below

The board has approved a three-year strategic plan, which can be viewed and downloaded here. We are planning based on the needs of our primary stakeholders and have identified the following services for strategic development:  

  • Homelessness – expanding our current housing advice and accommodation service. 
  • Parenting – ensuring that the women we work with are supported and educated around confident and positive parenting. 
  • Counselling – offering therapeutic support to the women we work with, who may have experienced trauma around not just their pregnancy, and events in their lives.
  • Care-Leavers – developing a specific service for Care-leavers, who by their nature are classed as “an at risk of homelessness” category, particularly when they become pregnant. 
  • Women with children in care – integrating supports for the women we work with who have children in care or whose current pregnancy results in that child going into care. 

Strategic Plan 2021-2023