Whether you are parenting alone, with a partner, or have the support of family members, being a parent can be challenging and you may find it difficult to cope.

Maybe you are finding life with your baby or toddler extremely hard and need some support? You may be a new mother coping on your own and trying to juggle work and childcare?  You may wish to return to education.  With support, your experience of parenting can be rewarding and satisfying.

Anew Parenting Programmes

  • Intensive one to one therapeutic parenting support
  • Parenting workshops using evidence-based parenting programmes
  • Bespoke parenting support for families with specific needs such as members of the travelling community
  • Skills based training programmes and outreach parenting support

If you are interested in our Parenting Support programmes in Dublin or Cork, please contact us

Our past participants have said………

“I loved meeting other mothers as I felt understood and it helped me learn and share ideas”!!

“I felt that I was doing a good job but needed to see that for myself”!!

“I learned that tuning into my child was important”!!

“I learned that clear and direct communication is the key to having a respectful relationship with my teenager!”

The outcomes of our service are closely aligned with the desired outcomes of the National Strategy “Better Outcomes, Brighter Futures”:

• Children and parents and other adults who need supports to ensure effective family functioning receive them through our parenting support programmes.

• Early participation in our services will ensure that women are well-equipped to support and promote the well-being of their children in to the future.

• Timely intervention from our staff equips new mothers with the skills to keep their children protected from harm.

• Babies in our service who need protection from intentional or unintentional harm receive a timely and appropriate response to their needs within Anew.

• Women who have children in care are well-supported to achieve their potential in terms of health, educational and well-being outcomes in ways that contribute to a positive life trajectory.